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Where technology meets design

When technology becomes beautiful, it becomes desirable.

We believe that if we can adapt solar technology to suit the desires of an artist, an architect, a product designer, or a building owner, then mankind will embrace solar energy on a wider scale than ever before.

By manufacturing and designing custom solar solutions for the urban environment and by specializing in color technologies and freedom of design, we hope to contribute to that future.

We make solar beautiful.

About us

Creative and unconventional

"Kameleon Solar is a young, creative and unconventional company with an ambitious vision that they have proven to be capable of fulfilling. To me, they are the ultimate example of how beautiful sustainability can be!"

Ruud Derks, President of BIPV Nederland

Our products

We offer a host of color technologies and customization options to offer you the best solutions for your project.

Colored solar cells are ideal for showing off the solar aspect of your design.

Single colors are a great way to generate energy on a large surface without sacrificing aesthetics.

Design techniques allow you to create multi-colored patterns, designs or even images on PV modules.

For every solution, we offer customization options for size, materials, electrical connections, and even shapes!

Colored, design solar panels - inspiration

There are almost endless design possibilities when it comes to colored solar panels. Today, I wanted to zoom in on one technology in particular, ColorBlast. ColorBlast is ideal for making all kinds of designs on solar panels because the palette of available colors is enormous when compared to other color technologies. ColorBlast boasts over 4000 unique, pre-tested colors and for high-definiti...

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