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Kameleon Solar

Standing out by blending in.

Kameleon Solar is a Dutch designer and manufacturer of custom-made solar panels for every conceivable application.

We design aesthetic solar panels for professional integrations in buildings, façades, shelters, streetlights, transportation, product integration, and much more.

Innovation and quality are inextricably linked within our company. Today’s innovation ensures tomorrow’s quality.

Custom-made solar panels are Kameleon Solar's specialty.

Brainstorm your project?

Discover the KS Nemo

Flexible solar panels for boats

Custom-made solar panels for boats: KS Nemo.

Charge batteries

Kameleon Solar Nemo solar panels are especially designed to charge batteries for maritime applications.

Tailored Design

Each solar panel has a Voltage of 9 V or 18 V. This means that you can charge a 12 V or 18 V battery with a charge controller and have no further worries.


Kameleon Solar Adventure are lightweight and very portable. Ideal for charging at sea.


KS Nemo solar panels for boats are also extremely thin (only 2 mm) so you won’t need to buy any bulky and ugly mounting materials.


The KS Adventure is flexible and bends with the design of your boat. It integrates almost seamlessly.

For easy installation

The KS Nemo isn’t just flexible in its design, but also in its mounting solutions. Check the options below!

High efficiency

The solar panels for boats from Kameleon Solar have the highest power generation on the market.

So faster charging

This means your battery will charge faster or that you’ll need less panels per battery.
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