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Complete design freedom with new types of colored solar panels

At Solar Solutions International, Kameleon Solar will announce three new products that designers and architects can fully unleash their creativity on.

Kevin Verpaalen, Creative Director at Kameleon Solar: “Colored solar panels are already being used on façades around the world, but with today’s technologies, it is possible to work with dull colors and simple designs.”

However, often people want a brighter color, a razor-sharp picture, or a high-contrast design, such as a logo, which is not within the possibilities. “We will soon have a solution for that. In 2022, we will launch three new products, each solving a specific problem.”

White is a standard color in construction and barely achievable with the common coloring techniques currently available on the market. So, it is often a choice between a gray solar façade or a white solar façade that generates zero energy. One of the new products will solve this problem.

Larger companies attach great importance to branding their office buildings, stores, and warehouses in their logo colors. There is a lot of contrast in logos because they have to be real eye-catchers. “That’s a problem for current color technologies that don’t allow for real bright colors like Ferrari red or Lamborghini yellow,” says Verpaalen. “So, we are launching another product with which we can process bright and rich colors very accurately into an evenly colored surface.”

To expand the possibilities even further, the company is launching a final product with which they can render bright color combinations, high-contrast designs, and even photographs. “This really gives you complete design freedom and still allows you to keep generating energy.”

With these new products, the focus is on design freedom at the cost of some power. This does not bother the company. The new options will be applied to surfaces where, until now, people absolutely did not want solar panels because the color options were not sufficient. Verpaalen: “These are projects where appearance is the most important thing, and people don’t go for solar panels now because the options are simply not there. That will soon be a thing of the past.”

Article published on Analyse, monthly annex of Het Financieele Dagblad.

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