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A beautiful façade that generates energy: colored solar panels by Kameleon Solar

Solar panels on the façade of commercial buildings. Not yet commonplace in the Netherlands, but interest is increasing.
“Logical,” says Guust Verpaalen, director of Kameleon Solar. “Nowadays, roofs are full of all kinds of equipment, so there is often too little space for energy generation. The solar façade is then a good alternative.”

The specialization of Kameleon Solar consists in custom-made, colored solar panels. The glass façade cladding combines attractive design with sustainable technology. ”We have a wide range of different colored solar panels. We distinguish ourselves strongly in the market due to the wide variety of colored solar panels we offer. Our ColorBlast® program, for example, offers up to four thousand different color options.

We will soon be expanding our range with three products, including a white solar panel based on a Swiss invention. Our colored solar panels are tested and certified according to European standards and also meet all current (fire) safety requirements. Kameleon Solar hires external parties to calculate carrying capacity or wind load. For the electrical installation, we work together with electrical installers. All parties are certified.


Due to the wide variety of options, we are happy to advise our customers early on the best choice for their building or BIPV application. There is always a trade-off between the aesthetic quality one is looking for and the yield. These two factors, together with the measurements, determine the payback time.

Most clients do not want a black solar façade; that looks terrible. Therefore, commercial real estate owners prefer to opt for a colored solar façade with a slightly lower return but with a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing appearance. A lot is possible. You can also have the solar façade executed in the company’s style or with the company logo. You can also, for example, apply an image of a landscape that makes a building disappear from its surroundings. Municipalities often also set requirements. The client may then install solar panels but not affect the appearance of the building. A challenge for us. We provide a beautiful colored solar façade, where the client also generates and saves energy. You can no longer see that they are solar panels from the outside. We can make a full-size prototype on request.”

Kameleon Solar is located in Roosendaal, where production also takes place. The focus of the work is on high-rise buildings. The company is active in renovation and new construction projects.

First publication on Bouw & Aanbesteding, 26 January 2022.

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