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Glass Partners Solutions and Kameleon Solar announce strategic partnership

Glass Partners Solutions and Kameleon Solar announce a strategic partnership to offer the latest generation of BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) solutions in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Kameleon Solar will benefit from Glass Partners Solutions’ network, technical sales force, and expertise in these territories.

Glass Partners Solutions and Kameleon Solar are launching their photovoltaic solar panels for façade covering, a new way to keep architectural unity while producing electricity on a currently passive surface.

This partnership will accelerate the development of a sustainable and innovative solution that combines beauty and utility for architectural constructions. A solution that comes at the right time in the context of global warming and the energy crisis. For several years, Kameleon Solar’s solar panels have been covering facades in a harmonious way while producing electricity for self-consumption or resale. The benefits of such a solution are numerous, with photovoltaic panels that can reproduce designs for facades as materials such as wood or stone, allow original visuals, or display advertising, etc.

Glass Partners Solutions has a long experience in BIPV and has the ambition to integrate in its offer a tested and proven solution. The BIPV panels developed by Kameleon Solar were the right choice in terms of experience, reliability and efficiency. Many projects are already in progress in several European countries.

The Glass Partners Solutions sales team is already very active on this opportunity and is ready to satisfy the demands of project managers and contractors. The first studies have been launched for projects in France, Spain and Belgium.

Elie Benmergui, founder Glass Partners Solutions: « Nowadays, we are in the heart of the energy transition. The democratization of self-consumption thanks to renewable energies appears to be the ideal solution to both fight against global warming and ensure energy independency. Now, we are able to produce electricity on every façade, on every balcony, while the solar cells are visually integrated into the building. The investment is very quickly profitable, and it is the promise of great savings. It is also sustainable with zero CO2 emissions. We are proud to be able to offer such a solution on the market today with Kameleon Solar, and we are also very excited to see how architects will appropriate these solar panels, as they offer so many possibilities.»

Kevin Verpaalen, CEO Kameleon Solar: « Glass Partner Solutions is an ideal partner to bring our products to a wider audience throughout Europe. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership and see this as a big step for Kameleon Solar and the BIPV market in general.»

About Glass Partners Solutions: Glass Partners Solutions is an independent glass group based in Anglet, France, in the Basque Country. Distribution, production, logistics, sourcing, the group has distinguished itself from the historical actors of the sector to create its own path and reach its objectives of performance and independence. With a growth of nearly 20% per year, Glass Partners Solutions is currently one of the most dynamic groups in the glass sector. (

About Kameleon Solar: Kameleon Solar was founded in 2015 with the goal to manufacture custom made solar in order to make such products more accessible for a wide market. Shortly thereafter, the company purchased and installed its own manufacturing line at its location in Roosendaal (Netherlands), where they produce to this day. By listening carefully to the wishes of its clients and by challenging the norms of the industry, Kameleon Solar reinvented itself and, like the chameleon, adapted itself to its environment. Now, the company manufactures and delivers only beautiful, colored and customized solar panels for projects where aesthetics, above all, play a crucial role.

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