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We make solar beautiful

Kameleon Solar was founded in 2015 with the goal to manufacture custom-made solar panels in order to make such products more accessible for a wide market. Shortly thereafter, we purchased and installed our own manufacturing line at our location in Roosendaal, where we produce our products to this day.

We quickly found out that customization, alone, wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy the wishes of our markets. To put it bluntly, a custom-made solar panel doesn’t necessarily mean a more attractive one.

By listening carefully to the wishes of our clients and by challenging the norms of our industry we reinvented ourselves and, like the chameleon, adapted ourselves to our environment.

Now, we manufacture and deliver only beautiful, colored and customized solar panels for projects where aesthetics, above all, play a crucial role.

Our team

Kevin Verpaalen


Büsra Yılmaz


Guust Verpaalen


Richard Reuvers


Chiraag Raja Reddy

Head of Engineering

Martina Mori

Digital Content Editor

Melanie Lips


Ruud van Loon

Technical Design

Erik Geers

Junior Marketing Assistant

Dimitrina Stankova


Teodora Stefanova


Julia Kazakova


Asmaa El Kaffou

Interior Caretaker

How we work

Be it a façade, rooftop, balustrade or other application, some steps will always be necessary to take in a certain order:

  1. Inventory
  2. Design
  3. Samples and/or prototyping
  4. Production
  5. Logistics
  6. Installation and mounting
  7. After-sales support

Internal services

  • Project management
  • Production custom solar panels
  • Design advice and optimization
  • Color matching and design translation
  • Sample/prototype production
  • Quality certifications for PV module
  • Energy yield calculation and shading mitigation

External services

  • Mounting
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Graphic design
  • Façade design
  • Structural calculations
  • Design and manufacturing of mounting systems

Delivery terms

The delivery term of our custom, colored PV modules is approximately 8-12 weeks after the order has been placed, per 1000 m2. This timeline starst after the sample and technical drawings have been approved and after we have received a down-payment. The time it takes to complete these preliminary activities is more or less up to you. The duration of mounting and installation activities is project-dependent.

Sample approval is a requirement for every project. This practise prevents misunderstandings when it comes to the correctness of the appearance and/or color of the PV modules at a later stage. The process of producing and shipping a sample can take 4-6 weeks. Keep this in mind when for your timeline. It is possible that repeated sample orders are required in order to achieve the results you want for your project.

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