Colored solar modules are available in custom sizes ranging from the size of a single cell to about 2 x 3 meters. It is important to take a few factors into account before choosing the size of your custom colored PV module. Depending on the technology, the absolute largest size we produce is 1900mm x 2900mm and the absolute smallest is 250mm x 250mm.

Colored solar modules – size and weight

The first and foremost factor to take into account with the design of your custom solar module is its weight. A common opinion is that larger modules end up being cheaper per unit of power. But this is only true to a degree. At some point, modules become so heavy that more than one person is needed to lift the module. This adds costs further down the line when it comes to handling in our production facility, when it comes to mounting and when installing the modules.

Furthermore, very large modules are more difficult to transport. Narrower designs can be structurally weaker than more robust, wider sizes. In general, it’s a good idea to contact us during your design phase to let us know your ideas. This way we can help you come to the most cost-efficient size for your project without sacrificing on aesthetics. On our product pages, you will find an advised largest size, if you stay within these parameters, the weight of the module should not be an issue.

Weight calculation: Thickness in mm * 2.5kg * m2 surface area = weight of module in kg.

Smallest sizes

We receive many requests for very small PV modules. Small modules are often used to power batteries, for instance. Unfortunately, this is often not doable using crystalline solar technology. Every cell has a voltage of 0.5V, and batteries require a minimum voltage to charge. This minimum is often more than 18 cells or 9V to charge, and for larger applications can easily scale up to 36 cells. Each cell is 156.75mm x 156.75mm in size and require some space around it. Small scale module for battery charging is therefore difficult to achieve.

Single cell panels are electrically not efficient. The electrical connections required on each panel have create a flat loss in power. That is to say, the loss is more or less fixed. The loss is so high with 1 – 6 cell modules that it often ends up being too inefficient to use.

Square meter limit:
In general, glass sizes below 0.3m2 cost as much as 0.3m2. It is therefore not cheaper to go smaller than this.

For more info on colored solar modules, take a look at our Color Comparison page.

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