Custom solar

Looking for regular solar panels in custom sizes?

Kameleon Solar can manufacture glass/glass and glass/backsheet solar panels for seamless integration in your project.

Looking for color options? Check out our in-house development, ColorBlast®.

Custom solar panels

Glass / glass

Glass/glass modules are best-in-class when it comes to lifespan and long-term efficiency.

A glass rear carrier is superior to a polymer backsheet in its structural integrity and in keeping moisture out of your module.

Glass/glass modules can be transparent or opaque, and are custom-manufcatured according to your design.

For both glass/glass and glass/backsheet the customization options are nearly limitless.
Add a splash of color or opt for a transparent module.
Play around with shapes or with your cell-layout, or add a little robustness by choosing thicker glass.
Get in touch to discover the full range of possibilities.

Custom solar panels

Glass / backsheet

Glass-backsheet modules are the industry-standard recipe for solar panels, but are unique in its endless variations.
Colored glass, cells, or backsheets. Endless sizes and shapes. Each variation maintains the same quality and lifespan you could expect from a traditional solar panel. The light weight and thin design do not come at the cost of durability or lifespan. The fact that it can be completely personalized helps your solar panel match your product design.

Custom Solar


Below you can find an overview of the most commonly asked for data about our custom solar panels.
If you can’t find the answers you need here, let us know and we’ll be in touch with you quickly.

Length (mm)
255 – 1840*
Width (mm)
190 – 1200*
Thickness (mm)
5 to 15
Weight (kg per m2) 12.5 to 37.5
Junction box IP67, rear placement
Framing Frameless
*larger sizes available on request
Power (Wp per m2) 112 – 160 *
Cell type Monocrystalline 6 inch
Cell size (mm)
156.75 x 156.75
*dependent on available cell space and cell layout
Front 4 to 6 mm tempered solar glass, structured or flat, low-iron content
Rear Glass/glass: 4 to 8 mm tempered black enameled or transparant glass
Glass/backsheet: PET-based, 0.3mm thick, black or white
Fire protection Heat resistant, non-combustible

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