Free sample request

For who?

For architects, cladding companies and real estate companies we can provide a code to give a 100% discount for certain samples in our sample shop.

How does it work?

Fill in your details and choose the sample(s) for which you want to receive a code. We will check your details and then create a custom code for your request. Creating a code is done manually and can take up to one business day. You will receive the code via e-mail and can enter it during the ordering process. The code ensures that you do not have any costs for the samples or the shipping thereof.


Some companies or sample types are not normally eligible for a code. We are prepared to make an exception if a project appeals to us. There is room in the contact form below to make such a request.

    1. Exceptions can be made for companies and samples that normally do not qualify for a free sample code. If this is the case, please indicate why you believe we should make an exception for your company/sample type in the text box “Exceptions”. Please also include your telephone number. We may contact you to discuss your request.

    2. We cannot provide a code for a free sample to a non-business e-mail address. Please ensure that the domain name ( in your e-mail corresponds with your website or business name.

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