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Product integrated solar panels are designed to seamlessly integrate with your product specifications.

For product designers and manufacturers we produce custom solar panels that are meant to be integrated within a product as a component rather than an as addition or afterthought. By providing a myriad of customization options Kameleon Solar’s solar panels can be manufactured in the size, thickness, shape, and even the color that compliments or matches a product’s design. Both electrically and aesthetically, no existing pre-designed solar panel will match your product as effectively as one that is custom-designed and produced.

Kameleon Solar can assist you starting from the concept phase for new products as a component and during the planning phase for re-design or your own customized products.




When it comes to integration, it is always best to involve us in your process as soon as possible. This way you keep as many customization options open as possible without having to sacrifice power, aesthetics, or space.


Your concept: Everything starts with your ideas. Different products have different uses and therefore unique requirements. The more information you can provide us about the goals and specifications of your product the more effectively we can we can get to work.


Meet: We’ll quickly reach the phase where we’ve grasped your concept and prepared some ideas. Before you start finalizing anything it’s always best we meet up so we can show you our designs and materials and also mesh out some details which will save the project time, costs, and also optimize the panels’ integration.


Meeting up before you finalize always results in: 

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced project time
  • Optimized electrical performance
  • Better integration
  • Prepared integration plan
  • Prepared installation/manufacturing plan

Concept: During the concept stage we prepare the initial module design based on our meeting. We will provide you with a sketch of the module(s), the expected electrical properties, and physical properties. If these documents meet your expectations, then we are well on our way!


Review: From here on out it’s mostly fine-tuning. You can review the materials we have prepared for you, suggest changes, and then we can finalize the concepts.


Finalize: The finalization stage is all about checking and double checking that we’re all on the same page. This results in a final design which, after your approval, will be used to manufacture the custom solar panels for your project.


Production: Production starts when both are fully on board with the design and implementation of the modules. At this point we will keep you up to date on our progress and the measured specifications of your uniquely designed solar panel.




Solar panels as a product component offer the greatest opportunities for customization. In essence, the solar panel becomes a part of your product that is integrated in its surroundings and can offer its own benefits next to the generation of sustainable energy.


  • Size, thickness, color

  • Power, voltage, amperage

  • Glass, colored, or polymer frontsheet

  • Shapes and cell matrix

  • Electrical connections and placement


  • Public furniture

  • Cars and trucks

  • Bicycle shelters, hubs, carports

  • Streetlights

  • OEM components

To utilize solar panels as product component it is always best to involve us during the design phase. This keeps more customization options open to you and most always results in a more optimized performance and design.

Customization options



Solar panels as an option for a product grants you more flexibility in their size and yield and with a solid installation plan, doesn’t detract from the design’s aesthetics.


  • Size, thickness, shape

  • Power, voltage, amperage

  • Glass, colored, or polymer frontsheet

  • Electrical connection and placement

  • Advice on installation methods


  • Cargo containers

  • Delivery trucks and vans

  • Building materials (façade elements)

  • Solar fridges

  • Inland ships

For product accessories or retro-fits it is usually best to involve us during the planning phase. This gives you the flexibility of considering different types of solutions and will optimize the electrical output to suit your needs.

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Customization options



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