ColorBlast – Grayscale


This 400 x 400 mm ColorBlast sample contains a 2 x 2 cell matrix of 6” monocrystalline solar cells. We have selected five shades of gray that are realized using different coverages on this sample panel. The lower the print density, the higher the power and the darker the overall color. This is particularly evident in this sample, whereby only one ink color is applied, resulting in five distinct “end colors”.

The glass/backsheet version of this sample weighs 1,5 – 2 kg.
The glass/glass version of this sample weighs 3,5 – 4 kg.

ColorBlast uses a printed dot pattern to create an optical illusion of a homogeneous color from a distance of 5-8 meters; keep this in mind when viewing the sample in person!

For more information on ColorBlast colored solar panels, visit the ColorBlast product page.


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