Starter Box – Metalliq


The sample box is chock-full of information on Kameleon Solar’s colored solar panels for solar façades. In the box, you’ll find everything you need to start your journey in picking the right color technology for your custom-made, colored solar project.

This sample is free for architects, request your discount code here.

For this starter set, you can choose one of our 11 pre-made Metalliq colors. Metalliq colors can be custom-made to suit the colors in your project, so if the options for our starter set don’t match your project, you can always request a sample with a tailor-made color, later on.

About Metalliq
Metalliq is an interference technology, which means it has a high power rating for a color technology because it transmits more light than other color technologies. The thickness of the graphic layer changed to increase the brightness of a color or to increase the power by darkening the color. In some cases, the cells may be semi-visible underneath a color, so be sure to get a sample of the color you choose for your project.

Company brochure
This booklet is jam-packed with information about the business case for solar façades, important quality checks for colored solar panels, different coloring techniques for photovoltaics, our projects, and about our company in general. A must-have guide for your journey in colored solar.

Product leaflet
The product leaflet showcases the 5 color technologies we currently supply to the market, giving you insight into each of their unique qualities.

Meet & eat
Finally, the box includes an invitation to a meet & eat where we give you a crash course on designing with colored solar panels during your lunch. Online or in-person, the choice is yours.

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