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Below you will find an overview of our different color technologies. Each has its own unique set of qualities when it comes to power rating, color possibilities, colorfastness, design options, transparency and more! We’re constantly developing new products to expand your options, so if you’re looking for something we don’t yet offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out what we’re working on!

Colored cells

Colored solar cells are an excellent choice if you’re looking to embrace the solar element in your design. They are often used with transparent glass for solar balustrades, sun-shading, or façades. It’s also possible to color the background for some contrast or to camouflage the cell within the background. You can display an image behind the cells, spanning multiple panels, if you wish.

Royal Glam
These colored solar cells have a sparkling appearance. A crystalline surface creates a dynamic effect where cells seem to change their appearance as you pass by. These cells are real eye-catchers.
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These colored PV cells have a matte surface finish, providing you with even, natural tones. The subtlety of the colors gives an almost mysterious air about these cells.
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Single colors

Single-color technologies disguise the solar panels to appear as simple, colored tiles. These solutions are typically chosen for colored solar façades in tall buildings for new-build and renovation with little roof surface. This way, entire façades become generators of clean energy, entirely unnoticed!

This high-power PV module with colored glass has a dynamic appearance that changes with different light angles. Choose from 8 colors with a metallic look.
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ColorBlast has a medium power rating with over 4000 colors available. Remaining colorfast for over 50 years and highly durable, these products are made to last. Colors options tend towards darker shades and more natural tones.
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Prismatic (coming soon)
Prismatic grants complete color freedom at the cost of a lower power rating. Ideal for larger surfaces where a precise color match is an absolute must. If your color isn’t available with our other products, it will be here.


With design solar panels, you can really let loose your creativity. Design your own ‘line’ of modules with your own set of prints or a series of recurring designs. You can also present a larger image that spans multiple modules, or even an entire facade or rooftop. To make it easier, we take care to translate your designs to solar panels.

ColorBlast Design
In principle, the same technology as ColorBlast, but with a twist. Instead of applying a single color to a module, why not add multiple? Or even an image? Due to the colors available, some contrast and brightness can be lost, but the results are stunning nonetheless! We translate your design into a hotspot-free, solar-friendly design, ensuring a safe installation!
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