ColorBlast Design

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Striking and versatile

ColorBlast Design makes it possible to combine the more than 4000 colors ColorBlast has to offer, enabling you to portray designs and images on solar panels.

Due to the darker color range of ColorBlast a unique color palette comes about, which can result in some loss of contrast and brightness.

Multi-colored solar panels, in general, carry a large risk of hotspots. Luckily, we have developed a software that allows us to translate your designs to ColorBlast Design solar panels completely hotspot-free and give you a realistic impression of the end-result.

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Color options

Apply designs and images Spread your designs over a range of modules Fixed, durable colors remain colorfast for more than 100 years

Design options

Custom size and shape Flat or structured glass Inks on inside or outside of glass

Color fastness

100 years


Design dependent 3.3 - 4.7 Wp per cell max. 168 Wp per m2

Expected lifespan

Glass/glass 30+ years Glass/backsheet ~25 years


Cells not visible Hexagon pattern uniform from ~5 meters
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