Robust and colorful

ColorBlast is a development of our own, with which we are capable of realizing more than 4000 unique colors that are all scratch-resistant and colorfast for a period of more than 50 years. By digitally printing a hexagonal pixellated pattern on the glass, we create the illusion of a homogeneous color. Close-up, the pixels are clearly visible, but from a short distance they appear to melt together to form a single, uniform color.

With ColorBlast solar panels it is possible to portray shades and natural colors and these can even be made to match specific colors, such as an NCS or RAL code.

ColorBlast is most often used for solar façades, but can also be applied to rooftop, balustrades and sun shading.

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Color options

Choose from 4000+ colors Matte, fixed colors Hexagon pattern becomes uniform color from ~5 meters

KSB B1035

More colors?

The above colors are only a small selection from our full library. Check out our full library of colors in our downloads where you can also check out the Spec Sheet.

Design options

Custom size and shape Flat or structured glass Inks on inside or outside of glass

Color fastness

100 years


Color dependent 3.3 - 4.7 Wp per cell max. 168 Wp per m2

Expected lifespan

Glass/glass 30+ years Glass/backsheet ~25 years


Cells not visible Hexagon pattern uniform from ~5 meters
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