Subtle and elegant

Mystica solar panels use solar cells with a matt, natural appearance. These are ideal for projects where the solar elements can be visible but not too glamorous.

Mystica can be used for a broad range of applications, primarily rooftops and solar façades. The product is flexible in its build-up and can be fitted with transparent or colored glass. You can depict an image behind the cells which is visible from the front side or one that is only visible from the rear.

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Color options

Choose from 7 colors Matte, natural appearance Fixed colors, independent from light angle

Endless Pines

Design options

Custom size and shape Transparent/colored glass Images possible in background

Color fastness

10 years


Color dependent 3.7 - 4.2 Wp per cell max. 151 Wp per m2

Expected lifespan

Glass/glass 30+ years Glass/backsheet ~25 years


Cells visible Subtle implementation possible
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