Bedazzling and alluring

Royal Glam PV modules use colored solar cells with a highly sparkling appearance, making them a great tool if you’re looking to make a statement. The crystalline pattern causes the cell to shimmer as the viewing angle changes, ideal for a more dynamic effect. Royal Glam is there to catch your viewer’s attention.

Royal Glam solar panels are most commonly applied with transparent glass for solar balustrades and sun shading, though they can also be used for solar façades and rooftops. It is possible to apply a color to the background by using colored glass or foils behind the cells, and it is also possible to display images behind the cells in this way.

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Color options

Choose from 8 colors Highly sparkling effect Dynamic color experience with changing light angles

Design options

Custom size and shape Transparent/colored glass Images possible in background

Color fastness

10 years


Color dependent 3.74 - 4.52 Wp per cell max. 162 Wp per m2

Expected lifespan

Glass/glass 30+ years Glass/backsheet ~25 years


Cells clearly visible
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