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Kuijpers – Helmond

Panovenweg 18, 5708 HR Helmond, the Netherlands

Marielle van Uitert


PV surface area: 86 m2
Solar panels: 177 pieces
Color technology: ColorBlast®
Number of sizes: 3
Number of colors: 3
Total output: 12.72 kWp
Delivery date: July 2018
Completion date: December 2018

Phase: Completed
Client: Kuijpers Installatie
Architect: Studio Solarix
Façade builder: Sorba Projects
PV manufacturer: Kameleon Solar
Installation: Kuijpers Installatie

In a nutshell

This colored solar façade in Helmond, the Netherlands, marks one of our projects where colored solar panels are integrated into the façade. Kameleon Solar’s ColorBlast® technology was used to create three shades of orange to complement the surrounding folded aluminum elements. These folded elements also act as a mounting system for the colored PV modules and have integrated LED lighting.

Colored solar façade
The Kuijpers façade is oriented to the south and has a total surface area 152 m2. The curtain wall consists of 196 Solarix elements, of which 177 are fitted with colored solar panels. The expected yield is approximately 8600 kWh per year, similar to the energy use of about 3 households. This project realizes a CO2 reduction of at least 3.7 tons.

Solar Design
Helmond marks the first application of the start-up’s integrated concept on this scale. The next project, the façade of a new, healthy work environment Pharos in Hoofddorp, will follow next year. Studio Solarix is a collaboration of artist and designer Reinier Bosch and architect Marloes van Heteren, whose ambition is to upscale the principle of ‘solar design’ worldwide. Both founders received a Dutch Design Award for the Solarix design to make buildings more sustainable, connective and appealing.
Aukje Kuijpers, CEO of Kuijpers and 2018 Dutch Businesswoman of the Year, immediately saw the potential of Solarix and adopted their concept as launching customer. Kuijpers is a national service partner, engineer and designer of technical solutions for buildings. Their portfolio consists of museums such as the Rijksmuseum and Hermitage in Amsterdam, theme park the Efteling and the Elisabeth Hospital in Eindhoven.

Customized down to the smallest details
The Solarix element is highly customized, down to the smallest details. The folded, aluminum/composite element needs to be structurally sound whilst also supporting the PV module and integrate LED lighting. The PV modules are also custom-made in 3 colors and 3 sizes. In total, 9 types of modules were installed. The cables are hidden behind the curtain wall into the building where the PV yield is monitored and the LED programs are run.

PV Details

Type 1

Size: 515 x 890 mm
Weight: 9 kg
Cells: 15 (3×5) monocrystalline 6'' cells
Average power: 47 Wp
Technology: ColorBlast®
Number of colors: 3

Type 2

Size: 515 x 840 mm
Weight: 9 kg
Cells: 12 (3×4) monocrystalline 6'' cells
Average power: 37 Wp
Technology: ColorBlast®
Number of colors: 3

Type 3

Size: 890 x 890 mm
Weight: 16 kg
Cells: 25 (5×5) monocrystalline 6'' cells
Average Power: 78 Wp
Technology: ColorBlast®
Number of colors: 3


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