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KaaiDuurzaam – Roosendaal

Kadeplein 2, 4703 GB Roosendaal, the Netherlands


PV surface area: 20 m2
Solar panels: 12 pieces
Number of sizes: 1
Number of shapes: 1
Number of designs: 12
Total output: 1.6 kWp
Color technology: ColorBlast® Design
Delivery date: November 2023

Completion date: December 2023
Phase: Completed
Client: Municipality of Roosendaal
Architect: Zone Zuid Architecten
Architect: wUrck architectuur, stedenbouw en landschap
Façade builder: RED Building
Mounting system: TULiPPS Click&Go
PV installation: E-Technics
PV manufacturer: Kameleon Solar

In a nutshell

Kameleon Solar produced a tableau of 12 ColorBlast® Design solar panels for this solar façade on the KaaiDuurzaam building in Roosendaal. Kameleon Solar also acted as a project manager, fostering collaboration among all the partners involved.
The colorful design depicts the eye of a chameleon, which certainly isn’t a coincidence, as this project represents the Roosendaal’s commitment to sustainability. This project is a result of the KaaiDuurzaam sustainability competition, an initiative by the muncipality of Roosendaal. Zone Zuid Architecten and wUrck architectuur, stedenbouw en landschap won this competition with this creative and colorful solar façade, amongst other innovative and sustainable solutions for the building.

A new name, look, and purpose for the building

The former EKP building, a property of Roosendaal’s municipality dating back to the 1980s, was reopened in 2021 after being empty for more than ten years. It was renamed KaaiDuurzaam, to represent the new social purpose identified for this location: a sustainability hub for the city of Roosendaal. The pun is very much intended, as KaaiDuurzaam is pronounced kei duurzaam which in Dutch means “very sustainable”!

Councilor Klaar Koenraad started a sustainability movement and looked for front-running companies, educational institutions, organizations, and residents to boost the sustainability of Roosendaal. In 2022, the KaaiDuurzaam Award was started to come up with ideas for a sustainable appearance of the exterior of the building, focusing on 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN. Zone Zuid Architecten and wUrck could not miss the chance to contribute to the new look of the building by providing, amongst others, a solar façade concept that symbolizes the sustainability commitment of the building on its exterior.

A ColorBlast Design solar façade as a sustainable statement

Along with art and greenery, giving a new look to the façade was a priority in line with the beautification process of the building. Not only did the building’s interior need to be repurposed, but its new social role had to be represented artistically on the exterior, too. So, Kameleon Solar’s ColorBlast Design was chosen to realize an artistic solar installation on the southwest façade, the most visible one.

Thanks to the in-house developed design translation software for multi-colored PV panels, Kameleon Solar translated wUrck and Zone Zuid’s design to the solar panel and manufactured 12 rectangular ColorBlast Design PV panels that depict a detailed image of a chameleon. What better symbol for a sustainability message to spread across the Roosendaal community?

Kameleon Solar worked in close collaboration with Zone Zuid and wUrck and provided a reliable network of partners, from façade builders RED Building, to TULiPPS and, who provided the mounting system, and E-Technics for the electrical engineering and installation.

On the way to a more sustainable Roosendaal

The municipality of Roosendaal is focused on growing towards a sustainable city, and has a dedicated website for sustainable Roosendaal and a local energy-saving portal for this purpose.
In the near future, the KaaiDuurzaam building in Roosendaal will be given new life through a mix of housing for young people, entrepreneurship, art, culture, and creativity.

The design of the solar façade for this public building is a sustainability statement. We are happy that the eye of our Kameleon is there to watch over a more sustainable Roosendaal. Demonstrating how attractive solar façades can be an inspiration for local areas. Like a colorful postal stamp, it sends the building off to its new sustainable phase.

At Kameleon Solar, we strive to contribute to a future where cities are powered by aesthetic solar panels integrated into the buildings. This time, we start from a more sustainable Roosendaal, with a team of partners that collaborated for a top-notch project.


Gemeente Roosendaal
In 2022, the Roosendaal municipality initiated a challenge: how do we enhance the facade of the former Expeditie Knooppunt (EKP building), by focusing on aesthetics and sustainability? In the future, the Roosendaal municipality aims to transform the building into a desirable hub for living, working, and leisure, maintaining its sustainable essence. The integration of solar panels, installed thanks to this contest, exemplifies this commitment, serving both as functional elements and art installations. This aligns with Roosendaal’s broader vision, which includes fostering culture through exhibitions and expos within the EKP building.

wUrck architectuur, stedenbouw en landschap
wUrck architectuur, stedenbouw en landschap is a dynamic architectural firm that integrates architecture, urban planning, and landscape design. Their portfolio showcases diverse projects ranging from public spaces to intricate architectural designs, highlighting their commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions. wUrck is known for their collaborative approach, engaging with clients and communities to create spaces that are not only functional but also enhance the human experience. Their projects often reflect a deep understanding of the environment and cultural context, making them a go-to for holistic and impactful design solutions.

For more information, you can visit their website at wUrck.

Zone Zuid Architecten
Zone Zuid Architecten, based in Roosendaal, specializes in custom architecture, guiding clients from design to completion. They focus on creating dream designs through a well-thought-out plan, ensuring smooth processes from obtaining building permits to selecting contractors and overseeing execution. The firm excels in crafting villas, whether large or small, and is adept at handling various projects, including transformation, renovation, and working with monuments. They emphasize detailed architectural plans and client collaboration, ensuring each project’s success.

For more details, visit Zone Zuid Architecten. & TULiPPS
For the KaaiDuurzaam project, applied the Click&GO mounting system from is a platform for architects, designers, and construction professionals, focusing on integrating solar panels into building designs. It enables custom facade designs using solar panels and provides real-time insights into costs, returns, and ROI. The platform aids in designing and implementing Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) systems, making it easier to design, calculate, and optimize BIPV solutions for new buildings and renovations.

The Click&Go system from TULiPPS is a prefabricated BIPV facade with integrated solar panels. It enables quick installation, easy maintenance, and combines solar panels with traditional facade materials. The system is adaptable to any wind zone up to 200 meters high.

For more information, visit their website at

RED Building
RED Building B.V. was a key partner in the recent building project, responsible for the innovative mounting of Kameleon Solar’s colored solar panels onto the facade. Their expertise in sustainable building practices and commitment to eco-friendly solutions played a crucial role in integrating these aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient panels seamlessly into the building’s design, enhancing both its environmental footprint and visual appeal. Their work demonstrates a perfect blend of functionality and style, setting a new standard in modern, sustainable architecture.

For more information, visit their website at RED Building.

E-Technics, based in Belgium, specializes in innovative solar solutions, including BIPV and solar trackers. They provide comprehensive services from professional advice to skilled installation and excellent after-service. Their expertise lies in calculating and mounting BIPV systems, focusing on quality brands for maximum efficiency. E-Technics is dedicated to environmental sustainability and reliable energy solutions, making them a valuable partner for projects involving solar technologies. For the KaaiDuurzaam project, E-technics engineered and executed the electrical installation.

For more information, visit E-Technics.

PV Details

Type 1

Size: 1000 x 1670 mm
Weight: 40 kg
Cells: 60 (6 x 10) monocrystalline 6" cells
Average power: 135 Wp
Technology: ColorBlast® Design
Number of designs: 12 designs


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