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Solar Pavilion Dutch Design Week 2022

Ketelhuisplein, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Bjørn Vijlbrief, Lucas Marcus Schilder


Surface area: 135 m2
Active area: 104 m2
Active panels: 290 pieces
Passive area: 31 m2
Passive panels: 86 pieces
Total output: 7324 Wp
Color technology: ColorBlast®
Delivery date: October 2022
Completion date: October 2022
Phase: Completed
Clients: Marjan van Aubel Studio & V8 Architects
PV manufacturer: Kameleon Solar
Mounting system: Aldowa B.V.
Glass and passive elements: Steinfort Glas
PV Engineering: E-Technics

In a nutshell

For the Dutch Design Week 2022, Kameleon Solar was approached by Marjan van Aubel Studio and V8 Architects to realize the roof of the Solar Pavilion. After an introduction to the various available color and customization techniques for colored solar panels, a Solar Pavilion with a curved roof was designed, consisting of 376 tiled and colored elements in 7 colors. Kameleon Solar involved Aldowa, with whom they work more often, to accomplish the challenging mounting construction so that each solar panel could be slightly tilted and diagonally fits into the larger puzzle of the roof.

The end result: a beautiful wave effect where the roof seems to float over the pavilion. In the recess you experience the ColorBlast solar panels from 360˚!

A sensory experience showing the beauty of a sustainable future

Experience the power of the sun during the Dutch Design Week at the Solar Pavilion. Designed by V8 Architects and Marjan van Aubel Studio, electricity and heat are generated on-site, using the latest techniques and aesthetic solar panels by Kameleon Solar.

The Solar Pavilion is the closing piece of the Solar Biennale 2022, to which Kameleon Solar also contributed with the Solar Lab Spatial, and the Zon Zonder Schaduw symposium and exhibition.
It can be visited for free at the Ketelhuisplein in Eindhoven from 22 to 30 October between 11:00 and 18:00; meet us there!

‘Solar energy needs a new perspective, something more personal and that is part of our culture. It’s time for Solar Design and this Pavilion demonstrates this change.’  Marjan van Aubel

Placing people at the heart of the solar revolution, The Solar Pavilion is an energetic meeting place to experience the poetic, sensory nature of solar energy. Built as the central Pavilion for Dutch Design Week 2022, It turns the harvesting of the sun into a new type of space and surface. Visitors can experience that solar panels can be more than ordinary technical elements and it explores new means of creating solar harvesting surfaces.

Designed by V8 Architects together with Marjan van Aubel Studio, who worked together with Kameleon Solar on the development of a unique set of colorful solar panels, the simple form of the Pavilion consists of four robust steel masts between which a sheet of glass solar panels is stretched. It is fully circular and uses borrowed standard building and energy components that will be returned to the owners and partners. As a result, every part of this Pavilion can be disassembled and reused afterward.

The pavilion consists of 3 distinct places:

The Solar Field: A short journey through the roof gives visitors a spectacular experience of color and light standing in the midst of a field of unique solar panels by Kameleon Solar and further developed together with Marjan van Aubel Studio.

The Alcove: An intimate room that shields and warms the visitor through solar-powered infrared panels.

The Circle: The Solar Biennale’s Circle moves along with the activities of the Biennale. Under radiating light, it puts reflection at its core through talks and performances.


At the Solar Pavilion of the Dutch Design Week 22, solar designers Marjan van Aubel and Pauline van Dongen interview Kameleon Solar’s CEO about “Pretty pleases – Expanding the material aesthetics of solar energy”, one of the principles of the Solar Movement manifesto and The Solar Biënnale. Watch the video!


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PV Details

Type 1

Size: 600 x 600 mm
Weight: 8 kg
Cells: 9 (3 x 3) monocrystalline 6'' cells
Average power: 24 Wp
Technology: ColorBlast®
Number of colors: 7


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