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Soltech – Genk

Thor Park, Poort 8000 – 8300, 3600 Genk, Belgium

Bjørn Vijlbrief


PV surface area: 83 m2
Solar panels: 42 pieces
Number of sizes: 1
Number of shapes: 1
Number of designs: 42
Total output: 10.5 kWp
Color technology: ColorBlast® Design

Delivery date: May 2023
Completion date: May 2023
Phase: Completed
Client: Soltech NV
Architect: MaMu Architects
Façade builder: Limeparts-Drooghmans
PV manufacturer: Soltech NV

In a nutshell

The solar façade on Soltech’s new factory shows the industrial heritage of Thor Park in Genk, Belgium. Over the past century, this area transformed from a coal mining site to an innovative technology hotspot. Kameleon Solar’s color translation software accurately translated the design for the west façade, providing realistic and fast previews of the façade in different power ranges and design parameters. The use various BIPV-applications and on-roof solar panels make the factory energy-positive and its manufacturing process CO2 neutral.

ColorBlast® Design – Grayscale design translation
The photograph portrayed on the façade shows a mine worker in front of the old coal mining site and was taken from the city’s archives. This image was scaled up to 7 x 12 meters in size and translated to the ColorBlast color spectrum.
For colored solar panels similar to ColorBlast, different colors transmit different quantities of light, which usually causes unacceptable levels of resistance in the solar panels that can lead to hotspots (a potential fire hazard). Not with our ColorBlast Design technology; Kameleon Solar’s own design translation software can translate images in such a way that all the different colors fall within an acceptable range of light transmission, thereby making it the only safe way to translate multi-colored images onto solar panels.
Our design translation software not only produces safe translations of an image, but provides fast and realistic previews of the end-result in different power ranges, so that architects, building owners and designers can make well-informed design and power decisions up-front.

PV manufacturing returns to Europe
Soltech’s new factory marks the vital return of the photovoltaic industry to European grounds, much like Kameleon Solar’s factory in the Netherlands. This strengthens Europe’s position by making it more independent from external energy providers. By manufacturing PV modules in the countries where they are used, we not only reduce the C02 footprint of transportation, but also of the manufacturing process itself. The Soltech factory, for example, generates more electricity with its building integrated PV modules than it uses in the production of its modules.

PV Details

Type 1

Size: 994 x 1984 mm
Weight: 41 kg
Cells: 72 (6 x 12) monocrystalline 6" cells
Average power: 250 Wp
Technology: ColorBlast® Design
Number of designs: 42 designs


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