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Titaan – The Hague

Saturnusstraat 95, 2516 AG The Hague, the Netherlands

Bjørn Vijlbrief


Surface area: 414 m2
Active area: 402 m2
Active panels: 356 pieces
Passive area: 12 m2
Passive panels: 12 pieces
Number of sizes: 1
Number of shapes: 1
Number of designs: 3
Total output: 57.17 kWp
Color technology: ColorBlast® Design

Delivery date: February 2022
Completion date: Q1 2023
Phase: Completed
Client: City of The Hague
Owner: Unknown Group
Architect: Braaksma & Roos Architecten
Façade builder: Bijlbouw
Contractor: Constructif
PV manufacturer: Kameleon Solar
PV installation: E-Technics
Mounting system: AFS Solar B.V.
Glass and passive elements: Steinfort Glas

In a nutshell

On the dynamic Binckhorst terrain in The Hague, the construction of Titaan was recently completed. The former cigarette and tobacco warehouse was transformed into a lively breeding ground for creative start-ups and companies in the manufacturing industry. The building now boasts an additional floor, providing over 13,000 m² of business space. The new façade consists of a combination of perforated panels and ColorBlast® Design colored solar panels from Kameleon Solar. As much material as possible from the demolition was be reused on-site and the transformation was designed to show the history of the structure it used to be.

Titaan transforms
Titaan is a state-of-the-art 13,000 m² innovation hub that will house companies whose aim it is to make thw world a better place. To support theor ambition, Titaan offers offices, programs, events, makerspace facilities, living labs and a community of impact-driven investors, industry leaders and students.

Vibrant building for innovation and creation
Situated on the corner of Saturnusstraat with a view over the water, De Titaan occupies a central position in the Binckhaven; a dynamic business park with an industrial and raw edge. The relationship between the building and the water is underlined by double-height workspaces with large glass fronts along the docks. The original supporting structure was reused and supplemented where necessary. Around the new atrium, old roof beams were re-installed, setting the tone for the atmosphere in the heart of the building. Next to Kameleon Solar’s colored solar panels on the façade, the rooftop is also filled with PV modules.

Conservation and circular design
On the outside of the building, the ‘scars’ in the existing brick plinth will be filled in with new masonry. By using a different, contrasting masonry for this, they tell the story of the building and its transformation. In addition, the building’s history is illustrated on the colored solar panels along the eaves, forming a solar ‘belt’ similar to the ripple project. An abstracted image of tobacco leaves portrayed, referring to the original function of the building; the storage of tobacco for the neighboring Caballero factory. These solar panels form a larger unit with the perforated aluminum panels with an inverted color palette.

PV Details

Type 1

Size: 674 x 1680 mm
Weight: 27 kg
Cells: 40 (4 x 10) monocrystalline 6'' cells
Average power: 160 Wp
Technology: ColorBlast® Design
Number of designs: 3 designs


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