SNNY® Solar Balustrades

Solar Balustrades

Discover the sustainable power of SNNY solar balustrades.

The sustainability of residential estates is your greatest challenge. You are looking for renovation solutions that can reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions of a building. In new constructions Zero Net Energy will become the new standard. Take a look at the sunny side of a building; discover the sustainable brilliance of SNNY solar balustrades.

This makes SNNY the sustainable balustrade solution for both renovations and new constructions.

In a nutshell

SNNY Solar balustrades

SNNY innovatively combines the best of three worlds in one balustrade. The steel balusters and aluminum profiles form the elegant base which adheres to the full safety requirements. The addition of a top quality ColorBlast® solar panel makes the balustrade a smart solar generator. A digital print is added on the front side. SNNY solar balustrades can be made in many colors and designs in order to provide a unique aesthetic for your building. The result is an optimally safe, power generating, and beautiful balustrade.


High quality, absolute safety.

SNNY solar balustrades adhere to all the required demands of the building code and associated norms. The fully assembled balustrades are delivered prefab, have passed the pendulum impact test with flying colors and are therefore impact-proof. The solar cables are carefully tucked away in the prefab concrete elements’ cable grooves.

This way, high-grade quality and absolute safety come hand-in-hand.


Sustainable energy generation

SNNY solar balustrades are equipped with ColorBlast® glass/glass solar panels. These state-of-the-art modules have a high light transmittance and therefore an optimal energy yield.*

The placement of an optimizer per panel yields the best returns. The energy yield and CO2 reduction can be calculated in advance based on the building’s location and your choice of color. The entire installation can be easily monitored after placement. The sustainably generated energy can be used per individual residence or for central facilities. Think lighting for common areas, electric doors, and elevators.

* Light transmittance differs per color. The most energy efficient printing pattern will be selected based on the chosen color.

Good looking

Colorful prints, unique appearance.

The integrated ColorBlast® solar panels are made up of black enameled rear glass and a digitally printed front glass using advanced ceramic inks.

From a distance, the pixelated pattern forms a homogeneous, even appearance. This technique renders the solar cells invisible. Colors can be custom-mixed and matched to the appearance of the façade. Even the printing of pictures and patterns are within the realm of possibility. The ceramic print is tempered together with the glass and will remain colorfast for over 50 years.

For the utmost finesse in the appearance of your building, the balusters and railings can all be covered in a colored powder coating of your choice.

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