Transparent colored solar panels are possible in limited forms. Both Kromatix™ and ColorBlast® rely on an opaque, black background to achieve their effect. LOF colored cells, on the other hand, can be utilized in a semi-transparent module. There are also ways to use half of the ColorBlast® technique to create a transparent, full-color PV module.

Transparent colored solar with LOF

A fully see-through, tinted glass solar panel may not be possible with LOF Solar cells, but a glass/glass transparent solar panel with colored cells is possible.

Options for customization include sizes, shapes, and the colors of the cell. You can even choose the thickness of the glass (from 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm per side).

LOF colored solar cells are available in a sparkling series and a matte series, each with 5 unique colors.

More info on LOF cells.

Semi-transparent modules with ceramic printing

The ColorBlast® effect uses a pixel pattern against a black background to create the appearance of a homogeneous color or image on a solar panel. When we remove that black background, the cells appear to be visible and break that optical illusion.

If this is an aesthetic that works for you, then we have brighter colors available. We can also create the appearance of tinted glass, or use thin layers of full-color printing to create tinted glass. The cells will remain visible but are somewhat masked by the tint.

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A peek into the future

Transparent colored solar panels where the cells are not visible are an innovation we have been keeping our eyes on. Though we may not provide the option now, you can be sure we’re are working hard to provide one in the near future. See-through modules are a very popular topic among architects, and really widens the possibilities of colored PV as a building product. Semi-transparent solar façades, tinted solar windows, colored solar skylights will all become options.